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Congregational Milestones



Current 50+ Years Members

Dorothy Jones Gordanier (in memory...)
Carolyn Robbins Sisson (in memory...)
Richard Adam Sitterley (1942)
Helen Aiken Dunstone (1945) (moved)
Joel Clancy Merriman (1947)
Betty W. Jeffers (1950)
Winifred Lucille Bicknell (1950) (in memory)
Elizabeth Russell (1950) (in memory...)
Mary Place Theisen (1952)
A. George Davis (and 50+ years as an elder of this church) (1953)
Ann P. Davis (in memory...)
Arthur Frackenpohl (1954)
Mary Ellen Frackenpohl (1954)
Robin (Sisson) Wilkinson (1955)
Marcia Reutershan (1955)
Louise Straub (in memory...)
Betty Merriman (1957)
Sarah T. Sisson Manley (1957)
Dawn Bartow (1959)
Gary Bartow (1959) (in memory...)
Rosalie Hunter (1959) (moved)
Charles (Chip) Hunter (1959) (moved)
Betty Smith (1959)
Alice Cullen (formerly Alice Serfis) (1960) (in memory...)
Wanda Paro (1961)
Dale Hobson (1962)

April Birthdays

2 Jessica Randi

3 Avery Rose Raymonda

6 Emma Visser 8 Tom Madeja

9 Marion Shelton

10 Elisabeth Eno

11 Cynthia Coleman, Mary Stoltie, Alanna Dowman

13 Rob Bicknell

15 Brenda Gravander, David Britt

16 Bradley Hewitson

19 Mary Theisen

20 Norma Drummatter

23 Art Frackenpohl

25 Eileen Visser

26 Robin Wilkinson

28 Nathan Brouwer





Alice Cullen (formerly Alice Serfis) -  50+ year member (as of 1960)

Dorothy Gordanair 
(with her granddaughter Katya,
Katya's husband Chad
and great-granddaughter Ella)
She celebrated her 100th birthday November 24, 2010





Art and Mary Ellen Frackenpohl celebrating
their 50th anniversary in the Church Center

Rich and Laurena Will
celebrating their marriage

Dick and Joanne Partch celebrated their
50th wedding anniversary, June 2007

Floyd and Marie Callahan celebrated their
50th wedding anniversary, April, 2009

Gail and Roy Schaberg celebrated their
50th wedding anniversary, April, 2010

Neil and Marilyn Johnson celebrated their
50th wedding anniversary, April, 2010